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July 19, 2017

We use ZenHub for Kanban style stuff. It’s plugged into GitHub and everyone, including our marketing team, uses it. It’s not difficult to learn although it might be a little more complicated than other kanban boards. We can on-board people pretty easily, even if they don’t have a technical understanding of GitHub because they only need to see the kanban. The advantage is that they have access to all the information on progress in the company in one place.

Dave Kearney

Founder & CEO - Fluid UI

July 18, 2017

Our engineers really like ZenHub. It’s built for small teams.

Emery Wells

Co-founder & CEO - Frame.io

Aug. 11, 2016

Our engineering team uses ZenHub, which is built on GitHub for project management.

Abakar Saidov

Co-founder & CEO - Beamery

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ZenHub - Best Developer Tools for Startups

ZenHub is browser extension that adds robust project management features directly into GitHub’s UI, making centralized collaboration on GitHub faster, more visual, and less cluttered.

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Visit the website: https://www.zenhub.io/

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