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Dec. 8, 2017

We use We rebranded the links with Rebrandly, but YouCanBook.Me is behind it.

Jeroen Corthout

Co-founder - Salesflare

Sept. 20, 2017

I like quite a lot because it has an API that you can customize and can build a team into a round robin.

Joshua Waldman

President & CEO - Billy

April 24, 2016 has a very powerful way of handling online bookings for multiple resources. It is very customizable. You can change the CSS of the app to suit your needs. It is very reliable.

Bridget Harris

Co-founder & CEO - YouCanBook.Me

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YouCanBook.Me - Best Scheduling & Calendars Tools for Startups is online booking software which links direct into your Google or iCloud calendar. Customers pick a time you are free from an online booking page, and it goes direct into your calendar (or you can approve it first). Eliminates all the usual back and forth headaches - timezones and cancellations, rescheduling - all sorted. You can also collect extra information about the meeting, and send reminders before you speak. Once you’ve got things set up, YCBM works in the background to manage your bookings – you just get on with your day using your Calendar as normal. If you need to move an event around, you know your YCBM will automatically refresh with the new availability, so you always stay in control.

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