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Xero reviews from startup founders

56 reviews by founders
May 12, 2018

We have two different companies so one uses QuickBooks and the other uses Xero.

Ben Lee

Founder - Rootstrap

April 1, 2018

Xero is awesome and it connects to bill.com which we also use. In addition, we have Expensify and bank accounts and it’s awesome to have everything be there in Xero. One tricky thing with our business is that we make a physical good, we don’t buy finished goods. We buy individual components like pumps and glass which makes for more complex supply chain and accounting needs, so we don’t use Xero for that inventory piece from a manufacturing perspective.

Erika Shumate

Co-founder & CEO - Pinrose

Jan. 25, 2018

Xero might not serve us forever especially now that we are operating in a global market, but we just launched a plugin that helps with international integration so apparently we do not need to move to an enterprise solution quite so soon. It is a very smart accounting tool.

Andre Eikmeier

Co-founder & Co-CEO - Vinomofo

Xero - Best Billing & Invoicing Tools for Startups

Xero is an accounting software that promotes itself specifically to the smallest businesses, offering the most streamlined service available in a category that is notoriously complicated. Xero works solely in the cloud and boasts capacity for unlimited users, simple mobile apps and no installation. It covers all basic accounting needs like online invoicing, multi-currency support and expense reporting. In a limited number of states, it also includes payroll features like time tracking, direct deposits and an employee portal.

How startups use Xero?

Xero does everything it can to promote ease of use, and therefore sacrifices some of the more complex features offered by larger services, such as inventory management (which Xero only offers via a third-party add-on). Xero is used almost exclusively by Seed-stage startups that have simpler accounting needs and don’t want the learning curve that comes with a more complex tool like QuickBooks.

How much does Xero cost?

Xero has three pricing plans: a starter plan at $9 per month, a standard plan for $30 per month, and a premium plan for $70 per month.

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