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May 12, 2018

AngelList is good when you’re super small, but when you get to be more established, you need a higher caliber tool. Primarily, we leverage Workable for recruitment and candidate management.

Aaron Schumm

Founder & CEO - Vestwell

Jan. 6, 2018

We use Workable for tracking applicants and taking them through the process. I think the point when we got it was when we were running out of spreadsheets--this helps automate the function. I like the custom pipelines which are not hard to use. It pulls in information on candidates from lots of different sources and it’s easy to pull in recruiters if they want to be part of the process.

Abhinav Asthana

Founder & CEO - Postman

Dec. 31, 2017

Workable is the ATS that we use to manage all candidates that come through via our different job channels. It’s similar to Greenhouse, but probably less expensive and has all the features that we use.

Ivan Lim

Co-founder & CEO - Brosa

Workable - Best ATS (Applicant Tracking Software) Tools for Startups

Workable is a simple recruiting tool that’s known for being intuitive and easy to use for both individuals and teams. Workable’s claim to fame is that users can get up and running in just a few minutes. It simplifies the recruiting process by focusing on getting your information out to as many candidates as possible through features like a free, branded career website that automatically updates itself, the addition of a “Jobs” tab on your company Facebook page, the ability to recruit and track applicants through social media, and the ability to instantly post to multiple jobs boards at once. Workable can even get you discounts on premium listings. In the name of simplicity, Workable doesn’t have as many customization options or advanced features as some other recruiting platforms--for instance, its reporting is a little thin and it does not have a referral system--but it's a great system for publicizing your job opportunities without having to spending a fortune.

How startups use Workable?

Workable doesn’t have some of the more complex features that large companies rely on to keep track of their recruiting process, but its nonexistent onboarding process and low price make it useful for smaller startups.

How much does Workable cost?

Workable has five pricing packages, and a 15-day free trial. Each package covers an unlimited number of users and has Workable’s full set of features, but allows for a different number of active jobs you’re attempting to fill. Starter: $19/month; allows for one active job Lite: $49/month; allows for three active jobs Standard: $99/month; allows for five active jobs Professional: $199/month; allows for 10 active jobs Enterprise: $399/month; allows for unlimited active jobs

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