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July 17, 2017

We use Twilio for text messaging through our web app.

Georges Clement

Co-founder & President - JustFix

April 18, 2017

By providing a clean and unified interface for using SMS and MMS, Twilio has made it very straightforward for our platform to close the gap between online and offline using our proprietary interface and capabilities. To implement these functionalities, the platform has shielded us from the complexities of dealing with multiple different telecom carriers and having to deal with exchange protocols and various pricing models. We have a clean interface and unified pricing, for domestic as well as international.

Susan Akbarpour

Co-founder & CEO - Mavatar

Aug. 11, 2016

We don’t use Twilio for SMS messaging, we actually use it for certain types of recordings. From a non-technical overview, the basic problem is that if you’re trying to record on an older version of Chrome, you have fake a client on our server, and then we have to record that data. Our server might be on a different network than the client, and then the service gets dropped. Twilio lets you branch different networks together.

Vinay Hiremath

Founder & Head of Engineering - Opentest

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Twilio is a cloud communications platform for building SMS, voice & messaging applications on an API built for global scale.

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