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April 1, 2018

We use something called Tableau for visualization and we also use Segment. Our Data Analytics Specialist recommended it and since we started using it we have absolutely no complaints. It was a big step in and the right direction for us in terms of visualizing our funnel. It’s kind of becoming really, really important because most of the data we track is on there through the funnel from marketing to sales, so it’s become the go-to place for data for us right now.

Aaron Bohlman

Marketing Manager - Techloop

Feb. 1, 2018

Tableau is a data visualization tool, but there is a learning curve, absolutely. Our guys here are very data-oriented. I had to motivate them to use the data points because they like programming more. It’s a good balance between not too complicated but not dumb so that they can do fun stuff.

Maarten Verschuere

Founder & Managing Partner - Clever Europe

Dec. 31, 2017

We use Tableau as well but that is more by our data team for specialised work.

Ivan Lim

Co-founder & CEO - Brosa

Tableau - Best Dashboards & Data Visualization Tools for Startups

Tableau is a powerful tool for organizing and analyzing the data from your other business intelligence and analytics platforms. Though it doesn’t gather the information itself, it’s an extraordinarily customizable service that allows you to visualize your company’s data in the way that’s most valuable to you. Tableau boasts optimized connections with nearly any data source, including Amazon Redshift, Hadoop and cloud data, which means you can analyze data where it resides, without having to create a separate platform.

How startups use Tableau?

Tableau is used exclusively by Series B and Growth companies, partially because of its expensive licensing, and partially because smaller companies don’t need such a powerful tool. Users appreciate its flexibility and high level of customization, which is optimal for startups with very specific data needs.

How much does Tableau cost?

Tableau has both desktop and online versions, as well as a unique server option. The desktop Personal edition goes for a one-time fee of $999, while the Professional edition costs $1,999. Note that these prices allow for only one user. Tableau’s online version costs $500 per user per year, and the Server package requires you to contact the company for a quote.

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