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June 4, 2016

We send out surveys at different points in our life cycle to get customer feedback. SurveyMonkey has been really beneficial for when we’ve used it. I love the fact that it can integrate with MailChimp, although we haven’t needed to use it that way since we don’t want to send out too many emails. When we send out surveys, it’s usually for specific people which is another reason why we haven’t needed to use that integration. SurveyMonkey has a nice layout and the data gets very condensed.

Michelle Joseph

Founder & CEO - PeopleFoundry

March 11, 2016

SurveyMonkey is very simple to use. It gives us great, exportable results. And you can easily track people’s responses, so if we get negative or positive comments, we can identify common patterns in responses.

Lesli Amos

Director of Marketing - Smart Lunches

Jan. 22, 2016

We don’t use a specific software for customer service, but we do use SurveyMonkey to get customer feedback; we really like using it.

Thomas Kelly

Co-founder - Mexicue

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SurveyMonkey is a leading provider of web-based survey solutions, helping people gather the insights they need to make more informed decisions.

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