Sunrise reviews from startup founders

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May 12, 2016

Sunrise is great for scheduling. I select windows on my calendar and they get to pick one; it’s a no brainer. My only wish is that they would take off the Google Hangouts links on every invite I send since it can get confusing.

Nick Petit

Founder & CEO - Kahoots App

March 24, 2016

We don’t use anything team-wide. We all have our own productivity tools, that we’ve chosen on an individual basis. I personally use Sunrise for my calendar.

Joacim Westlund

Founder & CEO - Shortcut Labs

March 19, 2016

There’s nothing that we use team-wide, but I personally use Sunrise. I’m obsessed with it! But Microsoft bought it, and I heard they’ll be shutting it down soon.

Maia Bittner

Co-founder - Rocksbox

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