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April 1, 2018

We don’t have an SEO tool at the moment, but we're looking into getting one in the near future. For our blog, we’re using Squarespace. It used to be Ghost, but that was pretty basic. We’ve been using Squarespace for a year now and we like it. It is limited to an extent, but it serves our needs for the moment. It’s basic, but we can input some code and do simple things on a nice, clean layout, so we’re happy with it for the time being. We’ve dabbled with BuzzSumo and other things for idea generation and other things but I wouldn't say we use them regularly.

Aaron Bohlman

Marketing Manager - Techloop

March 5, 2018

Our website is on Squarespace, but we’re in the process of redesigning and switching to WordPress. I think it's easier to use. Squarespace is great for simple websites, but once you get into publishing a ton of content it wasn’t built to manage so much publishing and WordPress was always meant for that so it’s exciting to switch there.

Meghan Raab

Senior Manager of Audience Development - Girlboss

Oct. 18, 2017

We have a Squarespace website that we integrated with Formstack for signups. It is integrated to our website with Zapier and Quick Base.

Max Schoenfeld

Founder & CEO - College Truckers

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