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June 19, 2016

Solve360 is the absolute best CRM out there. It takes time to learn but it’s worth it. We tried every possible one, but if there is one software that is doing everything we need, it’s Solve360. It is built to integrate with Google. They API into each other. You can link to any Google Drive doc. With Solve360, you can send all your emails within the CRM. It has a very customizable workflow template: if you have a task that needs to get done several times, it can be put into a template and when you initiate it, it follows all the steps. It has a built-in call log. You can make the call directly through Skype and it logs in automatically--after that, you can create your fields and have those customize the drop-down selection. With most of the other systems out there, you have your fields and you figure out the workflow based on how the CRM is organized. In Solve360, you can completely change the workflow according to your needs. You can make it so that different types of contacts can have completely different setups in terms of how the form is organized. Their form customization is out of this world. Tagging is the way we determine what type of contact each is. We have different tags, color-coded by business type. You can send different permissions to certain employees in your organization to access different parts of the system. Finally, when you make change to any type of contact, it auto-saves.

Donald Spann

Founder - Vicky Virtual

Sept. 14, 2015

We evaluated everything. We wanted something that had strong Gmail integration. Contactually does that very well but it’s really buggy, so we chose Solve360, which is the next best option. It feels a bit last-generation and has an awkward UI, but it does the job well.

Matthew Robins

CEO - DeansList

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Solve CRM offers customizable fields, category tags and activity templates so you can systematically capture specific information about the people you deal with, as well as tailor Solve to turn best practice into business processes. 

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