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Feb. 3, 2018

We use a lot of Skype internally and externally. Quite a lot. Google Hangouts--we’ve tried and used as well, if our client insisted on not using Skype, but Skype is our go to. I don’t like the interface redesign, but on the other hand I don’t care because it works. I didn’t mind the old one and I never had any issues, so I don’t know why they changed it.

Maarten Verschuere

Founder & Managing Partner - Clever Europe

Jan. 7, 2018

In the past, Skype used to break a lot.

Abhinav Asthana

Founder & CEO - Postman

Nov. 3, 2017

Everything is in Basecamp. Slack never really worked for us. For things like IMs and little things like that I find that I use Skype with people I'm working with and Sabrina, my co-founder, does as well, but with each other we use Basecamp.

Adam Hempenstall

Founder - Better Proposals

Skype - Best Internal Communication Tools for Startups

One of the oldest and most familiar communication tools on the market, Skype offers free instant messaging, audio and video chat. Beyond its free services, Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync, and now part of the Microsoft Office suite) enables you to boost productivity by integrating with other Office apps--for instance you can schedule meetings in Outlook or start conversations from Word or PowerPoint. Skype lacks many of the bells and whistles of its newer competitors and faces some complaints of spotty service, so many Stacklist startups are thinking twice about using the platform for their internal communication needs. Some do, however, continue to utilize it as a low-cost way to communicate with individuals outside of their organization.

How startups use Skype?

Skype is utilized by companies of all sizes, though it’s generally not their sole communication platform. Instead, it’s used largely for external communication needs, supplementing more popular internal communications tool like Slack or HipChat.

How much does Skype cost?

Skype is free to use, but also has a business package that, at minimum, costs $2/user/month. The basic service allows for up to 25 people on a call at once, and also enables mobile or landline calling for a small fee. Skype for Business offers additional security and integration features, while upping the maximum number of people allowed in online meetings to 250. Upgrading to an advanced business package costs $5.50/user/month and unlocks additional features like the ability to schedule Skype meetings in Microsoft Outlook, the ability to record meetings and a meeting lobby for presentation attendants before the meeting begins.

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