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March 4, 2018

We use ShipHero and we work with Shopify and BigCommerce as well. I started ShipHero because I had an ecommerce company and I couldn’t find the software that I wanted to help run that business, so I decided to build it myself. Basically there were three main issues I had that a lot of other ecommerce companies have. First, the way that most systems work is you print a bunch of papers in the morning and walk around the warehouse to fulfill orders. We had 12 people in the warehouse before ShipHero. However, because it was run on paper someone could lose that paper and there was always a struggle because you don’t want to print it again and then ship it twice by accident. It’s a difficult situation to deal with. That was one issue. Another is that we were growing and hiring, but new hires would have lower output than previous hires. instead of getting more efficient as we scaled up we were less efficient. The workers were slower rather than faster because people were on top of each other. The last thing was that someone was stealing products from the warehouse and selling them on eBay. ShipHero uses iPads and mobile devices in real time, so you can’t lose the paper. There are also productivity tools which can help with multiple orders at a time as you scale up. We used to have 12 people in our warehouse and now we’re down to 5 people and you can move them to different departments. We reduced the number of people we needed to ship in half. Finally, to solve security you can’t create your own order. It eliminates the way to steal. These are the 3 major problems that exist in other software that we solved in ShipHero.

Aaron Rubin

Founder & CEO - ShipHero

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ShipHero - Best Shipping & Order Fulfillment Tools for Startups

ShipHero is a software that ecommerce companies use to run their operations. Shops will typically have an Amazon, Shopify, and a couple other distribution partners. They can manage all those orders and inventories within ShipHero where we push tracking and sample inventory back to the platforms.

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