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April 1, 2018

We use something called Tableau for visualization and we also use Segment. Our Data Analytics Specialist recommended it and since we started using it we have absolutely no complaints. It was a big step in and the right direction for us in terms of visualizing our funnel. It’s kind of becoming really, really important because most of the data we track is on there through the funnel from marketing to sales, so it’s become the go-to place for data for us right now.

Aaron Bohlman

Marketing Manager - Techloop

Dec. 8, 2017

Segment pulls together a lot of data for us as well. It doesn’t visualize it per se. I’m going to hook up something to visualize the data.

Jeroen Corthout

Co-founder - Salesflare

Sept. 22, 2017

We’re mostly using Segment and piping data into a bunch of places, primarily Redshift.

Sam Gimbel

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer - Clark

Segment - Best BI / Analytics Tools for Startups

Segment is a business intelligence and analytics solution that integrates information from your other analytics tools into one platform. Segment has a startling number of integrations--over 100. It isn’t just for web and application data, but also covers advertising, email marketing, developer tools and user testing software. Almost half of the Stacklist community uses more than one analytics tool, with some even using more than 10! For these companies, Segment’s ability to aggregate all of that data into one place is an invaluable asset.

How startups use Segment?

Most users are either Seed-stage or Series A companies that pull a variety data from a number of different analytics services, and need a singular platform to help them synthesize that information.

How much does Segment cost?

Segment has five distinct pricing plans. It starts off free, offering 50,000 calls a month and a limited list of integrations that includes Mixpanel and Indicative, along with about 20 others. If that plan doesn’t cut it for you, check out the Project plan for $39/month, the Startup plan for $99/month or the Growth plan for $449/month. Each subsequent upgrade offers more data calls per month and additional integration possibilities. Segment’s Business plan, which requires a quote from the company, is customizable and includes an Amazon Redshift instance.

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