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Jan. 25, 2018

We used to use MailChimp, which is fantastically clean and simple, but emails are very critical for us, so we changed to ExactTarget as we needed to get a little more out of our tool. ExactTarget is a Salesforce tool, so design-wise it is not as sexy. The UI is not great but it is powerful and has a lot of integrations, and allows you to do deep segmentation.

Andre Eikmeier

Co-founder & Co-CEO - Vinomofo

March 3, 2016

We used to use MailChimp, but now we use ExactTarget (now known as Salesforce Marketing Cloud) to send out emails. We’re still in the process of getting all of our data to feed into it properly, so we’re not fully utilizing it yet.

Travis Todd

Co-founder - FullContact

Oct. 8, 2015

We had been using Bronto, which is specifically for e-commerce email marketing, but now we’re switching to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Salesforce is our CRM tool of choice, so it's a really good integration. Our end goal is to create long-term relationships with our customers, so we want to market to them, keep records of them, and collect their feedback all on one platform, which will help us deliver awesome service in the future. This is also why we use Salesforce Service Cloud for customer support.

Neil Parikh

Co-founder & COO - Casper

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