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Dec. 8, 2015

We originally started looking at email marketing solutions very early on, when we only had three employees. Some of the more advanced solutions, like Sailthru, were too expensive. And we looked at lighter, and less expensive, solutions like MailChimp, but they were too simplistic. So we built our own custom systems for drip campaigns and email marketing to existing and potential users. Custom solutions worked for us, but you have think ahead and know that you will have to devote engineering resources to keep it all up to date. We don’t have cookie-cutter email needs that could be met by a solution like MailChimp.

Karthik Sridharan

Co-founder - Kinnek

Sept. 15, 2015

I'm a big advocate of Sailthru. They are in New York, and more data-driven than every other email marketing platform, in the sense that the out-of-the box analytics you get is more sophisticated than a MailChimp-type tool. So if you're trying to make improvements on your email program by using data to get insights into your segments, Sailthru makes that significantly easier to do. We also were on CheetahMail (it’s big, public, older, stodgier, lots of Fortune 500s use it), and Sailthru is so much better than that.

Adam Schwartz

Co­-founder & COO - TeePublic

Sept. 15, 2015

We're fans. We were grandfathered into a sweet deal, so haven't tried anything else.

Nihal Parthasarathi

Co-founder & CEO - CourseHorse

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Sailthru - Best Marketing Automation Tools for Startups

With a specific focus on analytics, Sailthru helps you manage all of your email marketing campaigns. Sailthru offers a wider variety of data than other mainstream email marketing services, down to the individual level--including mobile devices--enabling you to provide a highly personalized customer experience. If your strategy and preferences require the use of metrics to optimize marketing efforts across a number of different channels, Sailthru is one of the best options for you.

How startups use Sailthru?

Sailthru’s clients are varied; among the Stacklist community, they range from tiny Seed-stage startups to large Series B companies, all of whom prioritize analytics to achieve their business goals.

How much does Sailthru cost?

Sailthru ties its pricing directly to customer success. Rather than pricing based on volume of emails, like many of its competitors, the company uses a two-pronged approach, looking at the increase in a customer’s audience and customer base, as well as the increase in relevant messages delivered to that audience. Sailthru doesn’t list any specific pricing on its site, so call for a quote.

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