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April 8, 2018

We use Stripe with Recurly on top. We’ve been using this combination for 3 years as the main company that processes payment, but we manage everything on Recurly. Stripe is quite good because it’s so easy to generate invoices and manage current invoicing. Even some of the older admin people feel comfortable using it. It’s non-tech friendly.

Jordi Capdevila

Marketing Director - ForceManager

Oct. 17, 2017

We use Recurly for billing.

Nick Franklin

Founder & CEO - ChartMogul

July 30, 2017

eCurring is the Dutch version of Recurly. It charges a fixed fee for transactions, and that for us is way better than the percentage model. We have used Recurly in the past but we stopped.

Rik Visser

Founder - FastPortal

Recurly - Best Recurring Payments Tools for Startups

Recurly is a subscription billing service utilized by businesses that charge a recurring subscription fee. The tool sports features like the ability to create multiple pricing plans, an interface that allows customers to easily upgrade or downgrade their package and the ability to offer your product as a free trial. As a subscription service manager, Recurly doesn’t handle the entire credit card processing operation; rather it adds additional features and flexibility around subscriptions, but sits atop payment gateways like Braintree or Stripe.

How startups use Recurly?

Recurly’s customers range from Seed to Growth stage, both B2B and B2C that have subscription products.

How much does Recurly cost?

Recurly has two pricing packages. Its core package, at $99/month, charges 1.25% of revenue plus 10 cents per transaction. It also has an Enterprise package for $299/month that has the same transaction price, but includes additional features like invoice billing, multicurrency support and Salesforce integration. If you are bringing in over $500,000 a month, Recurly also offers custom pricing plans.

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