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Oct. 17, 2017

We use Recruitee, a Netherlands-based software for recruiting. It is a nice, solid software. It’s like Workable but cheaper which is a plus and I also think it’s nicer. It has all the features we need for our careers site. It powers the whole thing. You can also create a workflow for managing candidates.

Nick Franklin

Founder & CEO - ChartMogul

July 29, 2017

With Recruitee you can see and manage all your candidates in one place. In the EU if you want to hire someone outside the union, you first need to attempt to find someone locally, so we put up a listing on multiple job boards via Recruitee without putting any extra effort.

Georgi Nikolov

Co-founder - Flexpat

Feb. 16, 2017

Both Recruitee and Cake work fine as HR administration tools.

Dave Sanderson

CEO - Nugit

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