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June 22, 2017

PowerToFly is also a recruiting tool that is geared towards women.

Kevin Roche

Co-founder & CTO - Wellthy

March 19, 2016

We use PowerToFly! PowerToFly has access to highly skilled women across tech. The platform makes it easy for employers to find great developers skilled in Ruby on Rails, Front End, Mobile, and more. The company works with a growing global community of registered members, spanning 6 continents, 138 countries, and over 3,576 cities. They have over 1,400 companies and over 70,000 talent profiles and community members to engage with.

Milena Berry

Co-founder & CEO - PowerToFly

Nov. 8, 2015

I’ve been looking at PowerToFly recently. It’s a really interesting company that is all about remote working for women in technology. The whole concept is based on women hiring tech women for projects all over the world. I spoke to one of their founders, and my biggest piece of feedback was that they charge a really hefty headhunting fee if you hire someone full-time, which makes you not want to use them. We interviewed someone in Alaska after searching their database, and we talked to her and did all of the interviewing. We just happened to find her on PowerToFly. And they wanted to charge me 20% of the annual salary! That makes it unappealing to use and no different from Monster.com or LinkedIn. It’s a great concept, but the charge to hire a full-time employee is not quite right. But, if you hire someone for a short project, like a two-week project, versus full-time, you pay that person through PowerToFly, and they pay the tech person a pre-negotiated salary directly for you. They also guarantee the work, and that works really well.

Sophie Koven

Co-founder - GoKid

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PowerToFly is where companies find and hire women in tech and across digital who work from anywhere.

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Visit the website: https://www.powertofly.com/

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