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Nov. 3, 2017

We use three things for analytics. We use something called Piwik day-to-day. I find it so much easier to see the simple things I want to see with it. You almost need a degree to understand the things in Google Analytics so for simple stuff we use Piwik for a simple snapshot of what we’re doing.

Adam Hempenstall

Founder - Better Proposals

July 30, 2017

Piwik is an open source analytic platform that is a lot like Google Analytics but is self hosted. We use it in our Azure internal cloud. Since we have a lot of confidential information, we want to cut Google out of that monitor.

Rik Visser

Founder - FastPortal

Jan. 20, 2017

In the beginning we used Google Adwords, to measure the analytics trends. Now we have Piwik for any kind of analytics. It gives you KPI, bounce rates, number of visitors, visitors that joined, and logged in--it is smart enough to not count the duplicates. It gives you also general statistics and is installed in our servers.

Rotem Peled

Founder & CEO - Topishare

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Piwik - Best Web Analytics Tools for Startups

Piwik is a free/libre analytics platform that gives users access to customizable and extensible open-source software, 100% data ownership, privacy protection and user-centric insights.

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Visit the website: http://piwik.org/

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