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Sept. 23, 2017

Pipedrive is a simpler version of Salesforce. It gives you all the essential features that a startup needs. We haven't tried out the most upper tier. We’re at middle tier. I wish there were some additional configurability at the middle tier because it’s not as granular as we want it to be.

John Kim

Founder & CEO - SendBird

Sept. 7, 2017

Pipedrive is intuitive and does the job. The only issue is that it doesn’t really know how to deal with duplicates.

Philip Schweizer

Co-founder & CEO - SalesWings

Aug. 5, 2017

We use Pipedrive for fundraising.

Jennifer Li

Co-founder & CEO - MuseFind

Pipedrive - Best CRM Tools for Startups

Pipedrive is a customer relationship management (CRM) tool specifically catering to small teams. It draws customers through its simple interface combined with a much lower price point than competitors. Many users view it as a “Salesforce-lite,” a moniker that solidifies its presence as a reliable, lightweight and cost-effective option for companies just starting out.

What makes Pipedrive reliable and lightweight is its Kanban structure. Immediately when you get to your dashboard, you’re presented with a pipeline view of any deals you have and their current stage. 

From the pipeline, you can see information about the deals and contacts in it, with neat little icons that can give you a lot of information at a glance (icons like clocks, planes, phones symbolize actions, due dates, etc).

Pipedrive gives a great way to get a high-level view of your sales operations from the pipeline view, but then really allows you to get granular and see what points of contact your sales reps have had with certain deals, and what that deal's history is.

Pipedrive has a drag and drop interface that is intuitive and makes for an easy way to move deals through your pipeline.

How startups use Pipedrive?

Startups use Pipedrive to optimize their sales processes at their businesses. Pipedrive makes for a great option at the early stage because it feels similar to lean methodologies of Kanban boards (like Trello). It's easy to drag and drop deals into different stages of their pipelines.

Pipedrive’s reporting and statistics make it great for managers to see how their team members are doing, and what points of the sales process they might need help with. 

Startups also use Pipedrive with Zapier integrations to automate various workflows and data entry points. 

How much does Pipedrive cost?

Pipedrive has three different plans, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Silver is $12 per month per user for full sales management features, live chat & email support, Smart email BCC, integrations & API access & 2GB of storage per user.

The Gold plan is $25 per month per user and includes everything the Silver plan has, with added two-way full email sync and increased storage at 5GB per user.

The Platinum plan is Pipedrive’s enterprise plan at $75 per month per user. It has all the features of Gold, with added phone support, dedicated hosting and 100GB of storage per user.

Standout Features

Lightweight and easy to set up.

As we’ve mentioned earlier, Pipedrive offers a very great light option for early stage startups who don’t want to find themselves with an overly complex CRM option. 

What Pipedrive does is make a good, easy out of the box solution that’s intuitive for customers to get up and running with their team members. Google Apps users or anyone using a contact management system will find it quick and painless to import their contacts into Pipedrive.

Mobile optimization

Pipedrive is available on iOS and Android, with hardly any lag between syncing any information on either device. 

Their mobile apps are snappy and make it easy to add in any information from anywhere. You can access your to-do lists, contact, and calendars from your phone, really making Pipedrive like a personal sales assistant.

Log email conversations 

Pipedrive allows you to log email conversations to deals with their Smart Email BCC feature on their Silver plan. By BCC’ing Pipedrive to an email thread, it logs that email to a deal’s history that your team members can access from Pipedrive.

The BCC feature gets upgraded to Full Email Sync if you’re on Pipedrive’s Gold plan. Full email sync connects to your email provider and allows you to send emails from inside Pipedrive. It also ties emails you send outside of their platform to your contact database, automating the email logging process.

Filtering, Reporting & Statistics

One of my favorite things about Pipedrive is that their reporting starts very high level to give you an overview of important metrics like win/loss ratios, etc., AND THEN lets you drill down to the individual Pipedrive user level. That way you can see which of your salespeople are superstars, or which could use some help in certain stages. 

Pipedrive makes it easy to get some complex reporting and analytics on your sales process. For startups with a lot going on in their pipeline, you can filter your view to only show Newest Leads, Opportunities, Nearest Deadline, and more. 

It’s easy to specify time periods and pipelines (if you have multiple pipelines). You can view how many average deals Pipedrive users/salespeople won by value and count. The statistics and reporting dashboard is interactive, and you can find more information on deals by clicking.  

You can also track other things like at which stage deal drop offs happen frequently. Pipedrive will help you figure out if it's a specific sales person, or if it's something else in your pipeline.

Sales forecasting

Pipedrive has a sales forecasting feature that projects future revenue. You can see what revenue is already won, and what revenue Pipedrive users can potentially bring in. The forecasting view helps you see which deals you can expect to close soon with their completion bar. 

Sales contact management

Pipedrive is great as a CRM but works well as a personal sales assistant. Pipedrive’s software will keep you and your team members up to date on any assigned tasks regarding deals. They make it easy to find all of them in the “Activities” tab, where you can narrow down your views to what’s due today, tomorrow, what’s overdue, etc. 

You can also visually see which deals have certain upcoming due dates from the pipeline view. Colored timers on the deal cards make for a visual, quick way to prioritize deals and tasks from the high-level pipeline view. 

Pipedrive Complaints

As sales teams get larger, founders have complained that Pipedrive isn’t giving them the reporting they need. Or it lacks certain automation features. Pipedrive offers plenty of options for startups that need a CRM, however businesses who are looking for something that logs calls, manages invoices, creates website forms, or for a CRM that has automation features should consider other options.

Pipedrive users usually wish for more automation features and feel that if team members are not constantly updating the CRM, then it becomes useless. Once everyone is using Pipedrive and updating it, the information and visualization become much easier to understand.

Useful Integrations

Pipedrive has useful integrations with MailChimp, Slack, and Yesware.

The Pipedrive-Slack integration lets you add their Dealbot to a channel that will update you on the progress of any deals you follow.

When you connect Pipedrive to MailChimp, you can send MailChimp campaigns directly from Pipedrive. Using Pipedrive’s filters, you can send targeted campaigns to your prospective deals. 

Yesware is a popular sales productivity tool that gives you email analytics regarding open rates. By integrating Yesware, you can track who opens your emails, create email templates and sync your emails to Pipedrive.


4/5 Tools in the toolshed. RIYL Kanban.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://www.pipedrive.com/

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