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June 30, 2017

Pipedrive is a good pre-sales CRM. The problem arises when you have to manage pre-sale leads into sale. I have not found a good CRM that does that. I used Nutshell before and we had the same problem.

Jasper Meerding

Founder & CEO - Gaiku

May 17, 2016

We used to do everything on Google and with our growing sales team, quickly realized that we needed to find a better way to manage all of our leads. Nutshell assists us with providing exceptional customer service and that’s what we like about them. Also, it integrates with Google Calendar and email. At this stage, it’s perfect for us.

Fareed Raja

Content Strategist - Kin HR

Sept. 15, 2015

We went for Nutshell because we are just looking for simple. When I was doing all my research, I reached the conclusion that CRMs are generally not good. I don't really like any of them. If I had time and space, I would have my team build one, but for now we went with Nutshell because it's so lightweight. I like that it integrates inline with emails; as long as you associate your emails with leads, you can figure out the last correspondence with someone at your company.

Ron J. Williams

Managing Partner - proofLabs Group

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