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April 4, 2017

NiftyImages is a tool for email marketers. We allow clients to make personalized images using email merge fields and animated countdown timers for their email campaigns. Our images can be used in any email service provider, on websites, and on landing pages.

Kevin Linden

Co-founder - NiftyImages

Feb. 18, 2017

NiftyImages is another company we’re working with. NiftyImages lets us personalize an image with different fields in our audience and include countdown timers in our emails for events or limited-time promotions. NiftyImages is our go-to service for next level email personalized images and countdown timers.

Matt Helbig

Co-founder, Growth - Really Good Emails

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NiftyImages - Best Design Tools for Startups

NiftyImages helps you create personalized images and countdown timers in your email campaigns using your customer data.

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