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July 22, 2016

We used to use Trello, but now we just use the native tool in Visual Studio. Visual Studio has native apps for development. We are a Microsoft company--our code is based in .net. We were already using Visual Studio and TFS, so we decided to move everything into the same suit so everything gets centralized.

Divey Gulati

Co-founder - ShipBob

Feb. 22, 2016

The developers use Visual Studio Online. They use it for assigning tasks, following user stories, and having a back log of all development. I really like VSO because it allows us to document everything the developers are doing, which is great, because we are moving very fast. While it’s not a functionality that comes out of the box, we’ve configured VSO to allow all of our engineers to track their hours in the tool. This has been extremely helpful, especially for seeing if someone oversold us on their skills. If it’s taking someone much longer to do something than what they estimated originally, we have a solid record of that, and can proceed with letting that person go.

Lauren Foundos

Founder & CEO - FORTE

Jan. 13, 2016

We use Visual Studio (by Microsoft) for managing bugs and sprints. It’s free for startups if you register with a program they offer. It won’t get any design awards any time soon, but it’s really efficient, and works well for what we need.

Yoav Hornung

Co-founder & CEO - Veed.Me

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