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July 10, 2017

We use Mention to track any time someone mentions us. It fulfills its purpose.

Amy Liu

Marketing Director - Clarifai

Dec. 12, 2016

We were happy with Hootsuite, but it was another tool and we wanted to move things to Slack. So we looked into Slack integrations. We looked into Notify and Mention and put them in the same channel. We organized a “competition” between the two to see which we would keep. Mention is slower for bringing us tweets, but it’s like Google Alerts on steroids. When it comes to blog posts or news pieces, that kind of content is not indexed by Notify. Notify and Mention work very nicely together.

Antoine Lefeuvre

Co-founder & Product Manager - MailClark

Aug. 11, 2016

We’re in a crowded space and use Mention for brand monitoring; it tracks it well.

Andrew Josuweit

Co-founder & CEO - Student Loan Hero

Mention - Best Social Media Marketing Tools for Startups

Mention changes the way you monitor the web. Create keyword-based alerts on your company, your brand and your competitors, and receive updates in real time about any mentions on the web and social networks. React to your audience, collaborate with your team and get analytics on your mentions.

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