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July 30, 2017

We use Kissmetrics for more nuanced or detailed analytics. We had it from the start because some members had used it previously. So far it has not failed us.

David Chait

Founder & CEO - Travefy

Feb. 24, 2017

A tool like Kissmetrics is essential for any company as it allows you to extract and cluster data with email references. You can see the purchases and the actions done by your clients. It gives you a great overview of your paid advertising performance.

Enrico Casati

Founder & CEO - Velasca

Feb. 22, 2017

We used to use Kissmetrics, but we moved on from that as well.

Fabio Zecchini

Co-founder & CTO - Musement

Kissmetrics - Best Web Analytics Tools for Startups

Kissmetrics, a business intelligence and analytics platform, serves as a viable alternative to Mixpanel. The two services are similar in the sense that they are both geared toward optimizing the flow of traffic through your website, and both feature standard web analytics like segmentation, funnels and retention reports. But whereas Mixpanel is focused more on mobile analytics and shines in its ability to track trends with real-time data and out-of-the-box reports, Kissmetrics is built more for marketers, giving them the ability to maintain user identity across the entire conversion funnel--for both logged-in and logged-out users.

How startups use Kissmetrics?

Most customers are larger Seed or smaller Series A startups--large enough to need an analytics tool beyond Google Analytics, but small enough that they don’t yet need hyper-specific data.

How much does Kissmetrics cost?

Kissmetrics has four pricing plans: Starter costs $200 per month; Basic for $700 a month; Professional for $2,000 a month; and Enterprise that requires a custom quote. Each plan increases the number of events you can track with Kissmetrics. And, if you decide to commit to a full year of Kissmetrics, you receive two months of that year free.

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