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Sept. 16, 2016

We used to use Keen IO, but we did not see the need to continue with the service.

Perry Oostdam

Co-founder & CEO - Recruitee

July 23, 2016

We integrated with Keen IO. We built out an analytics platform in Keen and pump it into Segment. We can do whatever we want with that data because it’s in Segment.

Marat Stary

Co-founder & CEO - getPartnered

Dec. 8, 2015

Keen IO is much more developer-friendly than Mixpanel. It allows for very flexible API calls. We use Keen very heavily for our dashboards and internal reporting that we’ve built, and also for our customer reporting. Through Keen, our publishers have access to reports on how things are going on their site; for instance, they can see how much revenue and data they’re collecting on any given day. Mixpanel doesn’t offer this capability.

Brad Ross

Founder & CEO - CoinTent

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Keen IO - Best Web Analytics Tools for Startups

Keen IO describes itself as an “analytics building blocks” service. In contrast with traditional analytics services, Keen IO is a fully managed cloud API that offers you the tools and code you need to build your own analytics platform to fit your precise needs. In this way, you can collect all the data you need and store them exactly the way you need them, rather than work your way around the predetermined statistics and data points of other BI and analytics services. According to Daniel Kador, co-founder of Keen IO, “We're developers ourselves, and we had seen a bunch of analytics tools that were all useful but ultimately inflexible. We wanted to give people the power and ability to solve their own custom problems by helping them build it themselves.”

How startups use Keen IO?

Startups of all sizes use Keen IO’s platform--the defining characteristic among them being a dissatisfaction with the pre-packaged analytics tools on the market, as well as a technologically-minded resource who can devote the time to building a customized solution.

How much does Keen IO cost?

Keen IO charges based on the number of events you track each month. Any number under 50,000 events is free; up to 100,000 is $20; up to 1 million events is $125; any number under 4 million is $300, and so on. If you find yourself hitting the 50-million-event mark, you’re in luck: Pricing becomes negotiable at that point.

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