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May 12, 2018

We were using Intercom and will now be switching to Salesforce. Intercom is okay, but it doesn't have great tracking around it. I think there are better solutions out there. We had used Zendesk before and didn’t like it so we moved away.

Aaron Schumm

Founder & CEO - Vestwell

May 12, 2018

We used to be on Intercom, but now we’ve developed our own chatbot. Given the high touch nature of our business, since the average product is in the enterprise range, we definitely try to do more human interaction.

Ben Lee

Founder - Rootstrap

April 8, 2018

We use Intercom for onboarding customers on the app and Zendesk for communicating with customers.

Victor Sanchez

Director of Inside Sales - ForceManager

Intercom - Best Knowledge Base Tools for Startups

Intercom is a tool centered around facilitating person-to-person, high-touch communication through instant messaging embedded right into your app or website. Intercom is all about zeroing in on individual communications with each user, which is wonderful for small businesses but can quickly become overwhelming for later-stage business with masses of customers. The tool is primarily used for customer service and support, but its functionality has also been proven to increase engagement, optimize customer acquisitions and encourage customer feedback. Beyond instant messaging, Intercom can also act as an email marketing service and it even offers some limited customer analytics.

How startups use Intercom?

Almost all of Intercom’s users are Seed-stage or Series A, who appreciate the tool’s ability to facilitate high-touch, personal communications, which are so valued among smaller teams with fewer customers. In addition, its functionality beyond instant messaging is valued most among lean teams looking for a software that can multi-task.

How much does Intercom cost?

Intercom offers two packages, Basic and Pro, which scale in price depending on your needs (customer support, product feedback, engagement) and number of users. The Basic plan, which covers all of the primary features, like in-app messaging and a team inbox, starts out at $49/month for 250 and increases with user volume. The Pro plans include additional features like integrations with Salesforce and Zendesk, unbranded messages and premium support; pricing starts at $79/month for 250 active users, and scales as you add more users. Intercom’s analytics services are always free to use.

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