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Jan. 13, 2016

We use Insperity for payroll, as well as HR, and they’re fantastic for payroll.

Paul May

Co-founder - BuzzStream

Jan. 13, 2016

We use Insperity for all of our HR needs. The cons with using them are that they’re expensive, and they offer a lot of services that you’re paying for, but know you will never use. And you can’t unbundle any of it and say you only want to pay for some features and not others. But, on the flipside, the huge pro of using them is that we never have to even think about HR. I hire people and that’s about all I have to do with them HR-wise; I never have to think about HR, payroll, taxes, etc. At one point, we switched to a locally-focused competitor, and it was a total disaster. They would make mistakes like filing quarterly IRS reports incorrectly and then I’d have to deal with the blowback from that. My goal is to be thinking about nothing but the product and the customer, and if I can take something completely off my plate, it’s worth the added expense.

Paul May

Co-founder - BuzzStream

Oct. 12, 2015

Insperity is an all-inclusive service. They can manage all or part of your payroll and benefits. This, then, allows access to all items (pay stubs, W2, 401K, medical benefits, other perks) via one online interface. Although some aspects do seem like they could be more automated, Insperity handles everything and takes on the role of managing it.

Victoria Kimura

Director of Operations - Inxent, Inc.

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Insperity - Best Benefits Tools for Startups

Insperity is a professional employer organization (PEO) that handles your human resource, payroll and compliance needs. Stacklist founders report that Insperity offers a more hands-on approach compared to its competitors; the company takes great care to handle each individual aspect of a company’s HR requirement personally, rather than through automation.

How startups use Insperity?

Users run the gamut from Seed-stage to Series B with a broader employee base, and all appreciate Insperity as the more high-touch alternative to other PEOs.

How much does Insperity cost?

Insperity does not publish pricing information on its site, so call for a quote.

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