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June 12, 2017

Insightly is expensive. I would switch to ProsperWorks which does a better job of integrating with the Google suite.

Liz Zalman

Co-founder & CEO - StrongDM

March 22, 2017

We have Insightly and we like it so far. Our customers are big retailers and there are only so many of them and each has a different need. Our solutions are customized to each customer.

Susan Akbarpour

Co-founder & CEO - Mavatar

Aug. 2, 2016

The group and data sharing aspects are the most important parts of the tool. We have just really been embracing it now. We’re fairly low on the learning curve.

Hugh Hempel

Co-founder & CEO - Strainz

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Insightly - Best CRM Tools for Startups

Loved most for its simplicity, mobile capabilities and practical integrations, Insightly offers both CRM and project management services to help you manage the most important aspects of your business. Its CRM features include contact management, the ability to create sales funnels, reporting, and social CRM, while project management features include creating pipelines, automatic email reminders, event reports and file management. In addition, Insightly offers several dashboards that let you visualize opportunities and completed tasks, and integrates with popular applications like Box, Evernote, Gmail and Quickbooks, to name a few, to help you manage the many moving parts of your company. A simple mobile app makes for easy on-the-go access.

How startups use Insightly?

Despite its low price points, Insightly is used most often by Series A and B companies than seed-stage startups, who tend to have more information spread across multiple platforms and appreciate Insightly’s ability to simplify their life with integration capabilities and a simple interface.

How much does Insightly cost?

Insightly offers five pricing plans. Its first, the free version, allows for two users and offers a limited amount of features like eight custom fields, 2,500 records, 200MB of storage space and an import limit. Each subsequent plan offers unlimited users and boosts the previously stated limits, with some additional features. The Basic plan costs $12/user per month; the Plus plan costs $29/user per month; the Professional plan costs $49/user per month; and lastly the Enterprise plan costs $99/user per month.

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