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April 1, 2018

We started with them right when they launched for payroll services. The ease and fluidity of onboarding is great. At the time we used Zenefits for benefits, which was also great, but then we experienced issues of health care deductions not being met because of the confusion of using two companies, so when Gusto introduced coverage we switched over. It is seamless, easy, and a lot cheaper than some of the big providers. They don’t do any international accounts and we have some international contracts, so that is something tricky that I’ve run into with Gusto.

Erika Shumate

Co-founder & CEO - Pinrose

March 5, 2018

I only use Gusto as a user. I find it so useful--I love it. I‘ve never had an app like that to manage benefits. It’s so nice to be able to look up past pay stubs, make adjustments to my health care, and have all the info I need in there.

Meghan Raab

Senior Manager of Audience Development - Girlboss

March 4, 2018

We use it for everything HR.

Aaron Rubin

Founder & CEO - ShipHero

Gusto - Best Benefits Tools for Startups

Gusto is a robust product, offering payroll (their foundational component), an HR platform, insurance and workers compensation. Gusto makes payroll, HR and onboarding all super easy to manage with a great UI. Changes and information about payroll, employees and more is easily done with a few clicks. Gusto currently offers insurance and benefits in 10 different states, with plans to grow at the right pace to make sure everything stays compliant. Alongside their robust platform, Gusto offers various integrations for tools like Quickbooks, Xero and When I Work. Gusto's customers applaud its simplicity, ease of use, and their customer care.

How startups use Gusto?

Seed-stage and Series A startups find the software nearly irresistible in light of the low price point. They also trumpet its clean interface, ease of use and customer service.

How much does Gusto cost?

Gusto charges $39 per month as a base price, and adds an additional $6 per month per employee or contractor. The first month is free.

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