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Feb. 5, 2016

Slack is an every day app that we use, whereas GroupMe is used to share fun stuff, like pictures, with the different Fellows in different cities.

Eileen Lee

COO - Venture for America

Jan. 13, 2016

GroupMe is used a lot for personal communication, but it has been working well for us for business communication. In our area (Arlington, VA), it doesn’t seem many people are using GroupMe, so I’ve never gotten a message from outside the company. GroupMe is effective for us, and it’s great that I can use it on any device that has the app. I can even use it on a computer if I want to give my thumbs a rest from texting and type out longer responses. From what I hear, Slack may be an upgrade, but GroupMe is working very well for us. We have lots of different groups (e.g. roastery team, coffee shop team, brew lab team, multiple management teams, etc), and we’ll send out a message and ask people to “heart” it to show that they’ve received and read the message. If someone does not “heart” the message, we know to go and hunt them down to make sure they are informed! We’ve found this to be a great way to hold our team members accountable. We really believe in using what’s out there and making it meet your needs, even if it wasn’t built for your particular use case. One of the simple things we’ve done to make GroupMe work best for our company is set up custom pictures for all of the groups. This makes it really easy to see all of your different groups, and makes it even faster to find the channel you want to communicate in.

Robert Peck

Co-founder & CEO - Commonwealth Joe

Nov. 26, 2015

We use GroupMe to keep in touch with all of the drivers at each school. We operate at three campuses that are hours apart, so I need a way to keep in touch with everyone. GroupMe has been working really well so far.

Aaron Hoffman

Founder & Owner - Campus Delivery

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GroupMe - Best Internal Communication Tools for Startups

GroupMe is an internal communication tool that works entirely via text message. It acts as a private group chat room on your phone, with some additional features like custom emojis and the ability to mute specific conversations. With native apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone, GroupMe is an incredibly simple service that works across all devices, including your desktop and tablet devices, and is absolutely free.

How startups use GroupMe?

GroupMe has a limited feature set and can get a bit chaotic when too many people are in a conversation at once - so it’s most popular among the smallest of teams.

How much does GroupMe cost?

GroupMe’s services are absolutely free!

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