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April 1, 2018

We don’t have an SEO tool at the moment, but we're looking into getting one in the near future. For our blog, we’re using Squarespace. It used to be Ghost, but that was pretty basic. We’ve been using Squarespace for a year now and we like it. It is limited to an extent, but it serves our needs for the moment. It’s basic, but we can input some code and do simple things on a nice, clean layout, so we’re happy with it for the time being. We’ve dabbled with BuzzSumo and other things for idea generation and other things but I wouldn't say we use them regularly.

Aaron Bohlman

Marketing Manager - Techloop

Dec. 11, 2017

We publish on Ghost which is open source and really great.

Ari Paparo

CEO - Beeswax

Sept. 22, 2017

We started on Medium but quickly transitioned to an in-house blog run on Ghost. I find them to be the spiritual successor to WordPress. It’s more modern and streamlined, focused on publishing good content quickly. We’ve had a lot of success writing huge amounts of high quality stuff with Ghost which would take a lot longer with WordPress because of all the formatting you have to do.

Sam Gimbel

Co-founder & Chief Product Officer - Clark

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