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Dec. 7, 2015

We use Founder Shield for Keyman and D&O insurance.

Coleman Skeeter

Co-founder & CEO - Truman James

Nov. 4, 2015

We highly-recommend Founder Shield for finding insurance. They are a tech-enabled insurance company, and their focus is on making insurance less painful. They carve out new policies that didn’t exist before, and really simplify the process for new founders.

Jonathan Gass

Founder & CEO - Nomad Financial

Nov. 4, 2015

Our clients typically use JustWorks, TriNet or Zenefits. When a company gets large enough, they tend to find their own healthcare plan, or move to Founder Shield.

Jonathan Gass

Founder & CEO - Nomad Financial

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Founder Shield is a technology-enabled boutique insurance brokerage strictly serving the US startup community.

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