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April 8, 2018

We use our own tool because we think it’s the best solution out there for field sales, and plus for us, it’s free! Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics are out there, but all those solutions are too complex for a sales team. It makes sense for them because they need to support so many functions, but many people don’t need to be filling in that many fields. Also, many times in field sales, the team doesn’t have laptops or computers, so data is entered with delay. This tool is making that big monster of a CRM fit into a mobile app. ForceManager only shows the information that is relevant for people in the field. It makes salespeople more productive by using predictable information from an AI layer that inputs who they’re talking to and what the next steps in the sales process are. It also solves a huge problem for managers, who before didn’t know what was going on in the field. Now everything can be reported right after the meeting happens and managers have the information as fast as possible, which is more useful for the sales manager managing the clients. It’s not as complex or powerful as other solutions, but for many companies the problem is with entering the data into the system, which never happens, and this tool is flexible enough to make it good for ourselves and customize it for any need. That’s why we built and love ForceManager.

Victor Sanchez

Director of Inside Sales - ForceManager

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ForceManager is a mobile-first CRM built for sales reps in the field. With an AI layer on top, ForceManager is a smart tool that automatically fills in boxes and conversations in real-time and allows stages of the sales cycle to be immediately reported back to sales managers. 

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