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June 8, 2016

We rely on FogBugz heavily. It has a lot of features built in a really nice way. It’s searchable, trackable and secure.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

June 8, 2016

FogBugz has file sharing through their platform and through Kiln.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

June 8, 2016

FogBugz is our end-to-end management platform. It automatically registers cases, tracks our responses, and syncs to our code base.

Ilya Podolyako

Founder - Blackbird

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FogBugz - Best Communication & Collaboration Tools for Startups

FogBugz is developed by Fog Creek Software, and is used for issue and bug tracking, project planning and management, collaboration, and time tracking. FogBugz also allows you to create discussion forums and wikis around any topic. Because of the combination of tools are all in one place with FogBugz, you can combine customer feedback and issues together so developers have the context they need without switching between multiple products.

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