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June 8, 2016

Flurry helps track within the app itself.

Sean Murphy

Founder - Andy OS

Nov. 18, 2015

We haven’t started with them yet, but we’ve decided to go with Flurry for metrics and Fabric for user management. We've chosen Flurry to start with because between Google Analytics and Flurry, Flurry has better customization for mobile. If your developers know how to use it, Flurry can be quite powerful.

Tom Limongello

CEO - Truffle

Oct. 21, 2015

For us, what was advantageous about using Flurry was their easy mobile integration, as well as their reliable ability to create segmentation. It was much harder to do both with other tools. With Flurry, we can easily break down conversion rates by customer segment or cohort, not just for a specific flow. We can also easily track how different releases impact behavior, and track different companies. For example, it is very easy to define custom variables to pass in, which will let me know when an invitation was opened and what company opened that invitation. My one con for Flurry is that they don’t offer a mobile app. We can’t see how our iOS app is performing via an iOS app.

Max Engel

Co-founder - Quill

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Flurry Analytics - Best Mobile Analytics Tools for Startups

Measure and analyze activity across your app portfolio to answer your hardest questions and optimize your app experience.

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