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May 3, 2016

Flowdock was one of the first communication tools to come about. It was created a couple of years before Slack. Slack is very similar to it in many ways, and has some really appealing features, but what is blocking us from using Slack is that there is no way to thread conversations. This feature is very important to us. Flowdock does it so well that we have not been using any email for internal communication - and it has drastically reduced the number of meetings that we need to have. Everything is very searchable in Flowdock. As we have people in different parts of the world, it is very good to be able to see all our correspondence in one place. We have also been using it to record some activities such as meetings and important events that happened in the company. That said, if Slack finally decides to implement that feature, we will probably switch.

Marko Lehtimaki

Founder & CEO - AppGyver

March 2, 2016

We like Flowdock’s inline threads, which Slack doesn’t have. It’s an extremely valuable feature. The rest of the tool is essentially the same as Slack, but having inline threads really sets Flowdock apart.

Sahil Jain

Co-founder & CEO - AdStage

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