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April 1, 2018

Xero is awesome and it connects to bill.com which we also use. In addition, we have Expensify and bank accounts and it’s awesome to have everything be there in Xero. One tricky thing with our business is that we make a physical good, we don’t buy finished goods. We buy individual components like pumps and glass which makes for more complex supply chain and accounting needs, so we don’t use Xero for that inventory piece from a manufacturing perspective.

Erika Shumate

Co-founder & CEO - Pinrose

July 18, 2017

I don’t like Expensify. The UX is really confusing and they do a horrible job with the navigation.

Emery Wells

Co-founder & CEO - Frame.io

June 12, 2017

We use Abacus for expense reimbursement. The only issue with them is that their website does not have the most consistent behavior, but otherwise we are very happy. They have the best OCR availability of all of the other tools out there. We have tried Expensify and Tally but they don’t compare.

Liz Zalman

Co-founder & CEO - StrongDM

Expensify - Best Expense Reports Tools for Startups

Expensify is an accounting tool that, as the name suggests, is all about expense reporting. It boasts features such as SmartScanning that removes the need for manual data entry, automated e-receipts, and a thorough compliance and approval process. If you’re looking for an all-in-one accounting tool, Expensify isn’t for you, as it handles only expenses, but it does integrate with a number of full-service accounting platforms like QuickBooks and Xero.

How startups use Expensify?

Expensify focuses only on expense management, so it’s used (often as a supplemental tool) by companies of all sizes--from sole proprietors to enterprise groups--who need to fill that specific purpose. That said, it doesn’t have the same business intelligence features that other, more complex expense tracking services have.

How much does Expensify cost?

Expensify has two different pricing plans: the Team plan costs $5/month per user, and offers basic features like expense approvals and integrations with QuickBooks and Xero. The Corporate plan costs $9/month for each user, and offers advanced features like multi-stage approvals, advanced policy enforcement and integrations with Intacct, Dynamics and many others. Expensify also offers custom plans for larger companies. Call to request a quote.

Vendor info

Visit the website: https://www.expensify.com/

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