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March 5, 2018

We run a lot of sweepstakes to run our email list. We offer things like free tickets to the Girlboss rally, a trip to LA, or a meet and greet with Sophia. DojoMojo makes it easy to create sweepstakes landing pages and find other brand and media partners. The analytics in there are really amazing and let you see which brands drove the most email entries and see what percent of entries are new to our email list. It syncs automatically with most email providers so entries are automatically added to your email list. It’s also great for retention because they remember that they just entered in a sweepstakes and that’s why they are getting an email.

Meghan Raab

Senior Manager of Audience Development - Girlboss

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DojoMojo makes it easy for brands to grow their email lists, increase social engagement and generate sales through targeted partnership marketing. We designed this product to solve our own challenges as startup founders trying to build our audience, and we're passionate about helping our customers build high quality audiences and high intent leads at exponentially more cost effective levels than through traditional paid channels.

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