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July 22, 2016

We used DocSend during our fund raise. DocSend helped us A LOT because you can share files as a link to someone and see how long they spend on every single page. This let us pre-empt questions we thought VCs would have, or showed what we needed to work on.

Divey Gulati

Co-founder - ShipBob

June 8, 2016

DocSend is for anything that gets sent out of the company. Analytics and security are a lot better in DocSend and it’s also an audit trail. With DocSend, you can make sure old versions of docs aren't getting sent out, which is something Drive doesn't do. We also use DocSend for screen sharing and conference lines. We target ourselves in a category of “Sales Content Management,” which is kind of like file sharing, but a little bit different. We help companies keep marketing and sales teams on the same page. It becomes more pronounced as you become a bigger company.

Russ Heddleston

Co-founder & CEO - DocSend

Dec. 7, 2015

The DocSend interface is amazing. We use this for sending out materials (mostly tour books created using KeyNote) which we then upload to DocSend and send to people as a pdf.

Coleman Skeeter

Co-founder & CEO - Truman James

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DocSend helps you communicate more effectively by telling you what happens to documents after you send them and letting you keep control in real time.

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