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March 19, 2016

DNSimple has been great for domain management. It’s much better than GoDaddy or Yahoo Small Business. It’s like GoDaddy, but extremely simple. And cheaper.

Jeremy Thomas

Co-founder & CEO - Inkshares

Feb. 28, 2016

We use Hover, a domain name registrar, to hold onto our domain. And we use NS1 for our name server provider. They are both really spectacular. We used to use DNSimple, but at one point, they had a really bad outage; a botnet was DDoS’ing them. When their DNS nameserver went down, none of our sites could get any traffic; not our API or website, and our status page was unreachable. It was by far the worst product experience we’ve had. After that experience, we switched over to Hover and NS1 (with DynDNS as a backup nameserver), and they have been extremely stable and very transparent about maintenance and outages.

Andrew Look

Co-founder & CTO - URX

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DNSimple - Best Developer Tools for Startups

DNSimple is a hosted DNS Service Provider that users can use to manage their domains.

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Visit the website: https://dnsimple.com/

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