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Jan. 25, 2018

Culture Amp allows you to measure benchmarking against other companies in your sector--you have complete control over your culture. Of course it doesn’t make sense to compare our culture against banks or multinational corporations but if we compare ourselves to Trello or other startups, we can see how our efforts result into the culture and get a complete feedback loop. It is a little bit prescriptive, in the sense that you don’t get too much out of it if you completely customize the questions. You have to subscribe to the methodology.

Andre Eikmeier

Co-founder & Co-CEO - Vinomofo

March 18, 2017

Culture Amp is a beautifully simple tool to get employee feedback. It gets the job done, as the data show: our initial engagement was 60%--when we started using it, we went up to about 80%.

Josh Szmajda

CTO - Optoro

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Culture Amp is the world's most powerful employee feedback and analytics platform. We've brought together experts in technology, data science and organizational psychology to ensure you can get the clarity you need, when you need it. Measuring employee engagement, experience and 360° feedback is simple using Culture Amp.

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