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May 9, 2016

I tried so many productivity tools and found all of them to be too complicated, mainly because they had too many features or were primarily for business project management. So, I created Checkli. With Checkli, you can create unlimited checklists and tasks right from our iOS app or our web app. It’s so easy and so simple that 30,000 members, 50 new members a day, around the world are now using it. You can also make any checklist public, add your branding and easily share it on your blog or favorite social media sites. For example, somebody during the recent earthquake in Ecuador, shared a checklist on all the supplies that they needed, so that people that wanted to help knew what they could contribute.

Marvin Russell

Founder & CEO - MySiteAuditor

May 9, 2016

We also use Checkli to create and share checklists on social media or our blog.

Marvin Russell

Founder & CEO - MySiteAuditor

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