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Dec. 31, 2017

Chartio is for our BI. Internally it takes all our data and allows different teams to create charts they need. It makes data a lot easier to consume and is pretty user-friendly. There is a bit of an SQL learning curve but it’s largely manageable.

Ivan Lim

Co-founder & CEO - Brosa

Sept. 8, 2017

Chartio provides very clean data visualization. It’s a free form dashboard making tool. I am not super happy with it--it’s quite expensive and I worry about the purpose. I can see how many people did what actions on my site but it’s hard to drive useful insights from these graphs. Sometimes data is interesting but useless because it is not clear why there is conversion.

John Furneaux

CEO - Hive

June 16, 2017

We switched from Chartio to Periscope because Chartio got very expensive. Also, we did not like how they handled one issue that we had with them. We had an annual commitment, but we were not aware that they were prorating every additional user. We ended up giving them over 10000 dollars, and they would not scale back our account.

Ryan Nash

VP of Technology - Gust

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Chartio - Best Dashboards & Data Visualization Tools for Startups

Chartio is a business intelligence and analytics platform that helps entrepreneurs manage and visualize their data through customizable graphics and charts. Chartio doesn’t gather data itself, but rather enables you to easily plugin and blend data from your other business intelligence tools. Some of its features include drag-and-drop user interfaces, 14 customizable ways of visualizing data, a query mode, and complete tablet and phone integration (the program is built in HTML5, so it works on any device without a special app).

How startups use Chartio?

Its users are almost exclusively Series B companies (Chartio’s plans tend to be a bit expensive), though some earlier-stage startups do dabble in the tool and appreciate the additional insight that Chartio provides.

How much does Chartio cost?

Chartio customizes each plan to fit specific customer needs.

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