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Nov. 4, 2015

I like Capshare; I know the guys over there, and they’re great. I like them, and I’m happy with it, but I’m wondering when their next feature set will roll out. I haven’t seen anything new in almost a year. And having worked with them for two years, they’ve progressed a lot, but the UI/UX improvements haven’t gone at the pace I expected from them. And now that I’m distributing stock options through Capshare, I have started noticing weird and unintuitive things in there. For example, for stock options, you have to have someone’s home address, but you can’t have the user enter that in themselves! Why isn’t there an integration with HR software? It’s frustrating because then I have to double-enter everything. Capshare has AMAZING customer support. Many times, I have the CEO helping me with customer support!

Brian Rainey

CFO - Makeable

Oct. 24, 2015

You need to get a Capshare account on day 1 of your new business. There isn’t an easier, more trustworthy way to keep track of your cap table, shareholders, investments, convertible notes, capital contributions, ROI, K-1 information and vesting schedules of employees and directors’ shares. Everything you have to do, that you may not have experience doing, is right at your fingertips in Capshare. Capshare lets you get all of the information that your lawyers, accountants and potential investors are asking you for in a snap -- from anywhere via the web. If Capshare could provide additional storage space for important documents, such as company and shareholder agreements, insurance policies, banking information, succession plans and intellectual property, Capshare would be one’s safe deposit box for all important documents. Dropbox is secure enough, but I do not trust it for my legal or IP documents. I trust Capshare implicitly. If I could also store my R&D and patent work in Capshare, I would, so if I were hit by a bus, those who need to know and access it could do so very easily. Currently, I have everything stored on my personal computer, with my attorneys, in a safe deposit box; everything is scattered around. It would be awesome to have it all at Capshare and then give specific people access to files, like my attorneys, co-founders or executors. I couldn’t give any more love to an outside company/provider/partner to my business than I do to Capshare and Apple!

Michael Reyes

Founder & CEO - Halo Life Science

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