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June 4, 2016

We suggest our clients use Greenhouse, but because we use Bullhorn and Bullhorn Reach, there’s no reason for us to use Greenhouse.

Michelle Joseph

Founder & CEO - PeopleFoundry

June 4, 2016

We use Bullhorn as a project management tool. We don’t recommend this for startups unless you are a recruiting entity--it’s very expensive and robust. We used to use Trello, but we didn’t love it in terms of keeping people on track. Now we have a PSA that is much more robust. It makes sense for the service that we offer. It tracks contracts, delivery and hours. It’s truly for service businesses only. We were told the implementation would take 8 weeks but it actually took about 14 weeks. Previous to the PSA, we were using a variety of different pieces--we were tracking time with Spring Ahead, and tracking resources internally with Excel.

Michelle Joseph

Founder & CEO - PeopleFoundry

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