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April 1, 2016

We used to use Blossom. I liked Blossom better, but my developer wanted to use Pivotal Tracker. The benefit of Pivotal Tracker is a “velocity meter” which predicts how much work you can get done. It helps you not assign too many assignments in one week. However, it relies on the developer assigning a point scale to each project which gives them the ability to minimize their workload. It also doesn't track my time that much, like putting in fields for due dates. I also don't think the layout is very user friendly. I’ve been thinking about switching back to Blossom; it’s more user friendly and has better UI/UX.

Ryan Wenger

Co-founder & CEO - WhereFor

March 31, 2016

Blossom is amazing, it's like Trello with moving cards around and it integrates with GitHub. You start in different stages, and your team will see the checklists or due dates for it. When it's ready for the next stage you mark it and it gets moved to the next team. We can also integrate things into what cards we are working on. Blossom is super clean and easy, and the UI/UX and visuals are really great.

Christine Carrillo

Co-founder & CEO - Impact Health

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