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Aug. 10, 2016

Beamery makes marketing automation software, and enterprise software for recruiters. It helps organizations turn their recruiting departments into something more similar to a sales or marketing role, with pipelining and machine learning. It takes a customer-centric approach to talent. Beamery is very different from an ATS like Greenhouse (who is one of our partners). We do everything Greenhouse doesn’t do. Recruiting has two core parts to it, when someone applies and after. After they apply they move into an ATS and go into interviewing, screening, etc. But before someone applies, it’s a no-man’s land of LinkedIn and all these other platforms. We treat recruiting like sales and developed a CRM to streamline the process.

Abakar Saidov

Co-founder & CEO - Beamery

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Beamery has built Recruitment CRM software that enables companies to approach recruiting like customer acquisition - from outbound prospecting and pipeline building, to targeted nurture and engagement.

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