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Jan. 29, 2017

We use Baremetrics to plug into Stripe so that we can have a dashboard with transaction data, monthly revenues etc.

Mattan Griffel

Co-founder & CEO - One Month

Sept. 16, 2016

We use Stripe in connection with Baremetrics to analyze the financial data.

Perry Oostdam

Co-founder & CEO - Recruitee

Sept. 2, 2016

We use Baremetrics on top of Stripe. They are very new, so they have their fair share of issues and bugs, but fundamentally it is very useful for SaaS, and I’d certainly recommend SaaS founders using Stripe as their payments platform to give it a look.

Dylan Baskind

Co-founder & CEO - Qwilr

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Baremetrics - Best Dashboards & Data Visualization Tools for Startups

Baremetrics provides integration and analytical tools for Stripe users to help them better understand their customers.

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