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April 8, 2018

The product management team uses InVision for more complex sketches. The designers are mainly using Adobe Suite and we also use Sketch, and then Balsamiq is for wireframing. We have so many tools.

Victor Sanchez

Director of Inside Sales - ForceManager

Feb. 11, 2018

As a CEO, the way I talk about product is I don’t talk about whether it's beautiful or not, but whether it’s functional and has good structure. Balsamiq is great. I tried 5 or 8 tools, but Balsamiq allows me to very quickly outline the structure of what I want to build.

Cédric Waldburger

Founder - Sendtask

July 17, 2017

We use Balsamiq for wireframing and high level UX mapping. It is not as sophisticated as Sketch, as it does not help with stylized design.

David Helene

Co-founder & CEO - Edquity

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Balsamiq - Best Mockups, Wireframes & Prototyping Tools for Startups

Balsamiq Mockups is a rapid wireframing tool that helps you work faster & smarter. It reproduces the experience of sketching on a whiteboard, but using a computer.

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